Crane Control Gears

Industrial Crane Control Equipments in India

Crane Control Gears are equipment used for the control of cranes such as Anti Collision Device, Brakes,Festoon systems,Control panels,Indicating Lamps,Limit Switches,Resistance box and Master Controllers.

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Anti Collision Devices

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Brakes for Cranes

Brakes Halt the movement of a moving crane machinery by applying a braking force to the shaft connected to an electric motor.

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C rail festoon

C - Rail system as a whole is a festooning system for smooth management of cables carrying high current, used in cranes, hoists and any other industrial mobile equipment.

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Control Panel

Variable Frequency Drive Based Control Panel for Industrial Cranes.

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DSL Indicating Lamp

DSL Indicating lamps are used in factories where a DSL busbars are installed. They take 3 phase power as input and emit three colours in the visible spectrum- Red,Yellow and Blue.

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Resistance Box

Punched Steel Grid Resistors consist of grids punched from sheet of corrosion resistant nickel chromium alloy sheet steels.

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Limit Swiches

There are many types of limit Switches suitable for different applications. Rotary limit switches, Lever type limit switches and Gravity limit switch.

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Master Controller

Master controller are used for remote operation of equipment like EOT cranes & rolling mills drives etc.